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We are a digital portal of information, inspiration and source of ideas.

Our vision is to contribute to the mental, spiritual cultivation and physical empowerment of each of our readers in alternative and creative ways.

The everyday man is daily confronted with a multitude of situations that cause him anxiety, doubting of his ability, anger, insecurity, inactivity etc. Challenges that he must resolve in order to have a balanced and healthy life. So how welcome would be “a solution” that can be easily integrated into everyday life and answer every day problem of modern man?!

Scientific studies have proven that D.I.Y. activities (handcrafts, gardening, knitting, decorating etc) help relieve stress, cultivate skills but also arise new ones, sense of accomplishment and boost of our confidence! But, we also know all these about from the most reliable sources, the testimonies of our customers. 

It all started 67 years ago when we opened our first paint and tool store in the center of Chalandri. During all this period we met thousands of customers and became friends with many of them. Through our products and services, our knowledge and experience we provided solutions to every problem related to decoration, repairs and constructions. Their happiness was our happiness, too, every time they returned with a smile and told us that they succeeded. But what impressed us, was the real reason that they undertook the construction by themselves and did not outsource it to third parties.

Those who love the constructions proudly showed us photos of their achievements, our gardening friends expressed the peace and relaxation they received, our “modeling friends” talked about self-confidence, while the friends who decorated houses and their stores were impressed by the power of color in human psychology.

All these people are the source of our inspiration for what we have evolved into. Our paint shop may have completed its life cycle as physical store, but it has evolved into a promising digital world of inspiration and ideas, where trough its suggestions of creative hobbies such as decorating, gardening, handcrafts etc gives way out of problems such as stress, the need for creativity and physical exercise, the cultivation of self-esteem, socialization etc. 

We dedicate and welcome our oldest and newest readers to our modern digital portal with the promise of always being a “fresh and pure” source of ideas. 


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