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How it all began 

Saragoudas Company started back in 1956, in the field of tools and paints.

In 1985, the sons of founder, Giannis and George, take over the business.  The principle of the company remains the same; respect and responsibility towards the customers are the common notions.  However, they expand the business to a wider range of products, thus responding to market challenges.

Today, the company deserves the title of the only paint and tool store in the north suburbs, which fully covers the needs of its customers, offering complete and reliable solutions through a range of more than 8.000 products.

Our products

Our products are presented in 6 categories 

·         Paints (wall and ceiling, metal, wood, varnishes, floor paint, spray and miscellaneous)

·         Building supplies, roof sealants, waterproofing, general repairing materials, sealants and surface treatment, silicones and polyurethane foams, putties, cleaning agents

·         Power tools & Hand tools 

·         Garden tools,  Watering and Irrigation

·         Hardware (ironmongery, door knobs & handles, door stop, locks, mailboxes & key boxes  etc) – Wide variety of screws 

·         Specialized products for repair, restore and protect your building, work wear and safety gear

However, our products are more than just materials proper to paint your house, to repair your building or to take care of your garden.

In fact, our propose is to utilize the magic of colors and the technology of tools in order to create, in the most effective way, beautiful and useful spaces of calm, companionship, entertainment with their own personality. 

Our services

The relationship with our customers does not end when the purchase is made, on the contrary, here begins.

Through our selected services we provide comprehensive support 

• Technical advice

Understanding the problem, choosing the right product, whether it is a tool, paint or glue and applying it correctly, is a guarantee of success in your project. 

The combination of our team knowledge and experience leads to reliable technical advice, whether it is a professional, DIY or DIFM project. 

• Decorative advice

Choosing and combine colors are an art. It should combine your personal preferences, space architecture, the pre-existing colors etc.

Decorating consultant, Mrs Vasiliki, is at your disposal to offer you the personalized advice that you need. 

Special gift exclusively offered to our customers. The decorating advices by Mrs Vasiliki is free just for them. 

• Value for money product – services 

Our competitive advantage is the ability to create a better customer experience by offering tailored solutions that combine our clients’ needs and their personal preferences. 

Our goal is the timeless satisfaction of our customers which is achievable only through the value for money product – service. 

• Product quality guarantee

We cooperate with reliable domestic and international suppliers.  We choose to work with companies that respect customers, distinguished for their professionalism, adopt new technologies, with social ecological sensitivities.  

• Order delivery and payments choices

Free delivery is available for neighboring municipalities of Chalandri and orders more than 50€ in a single transaction. 

For the rest areas in Greece, your orders will be sent by agreement. 

Payment terms: our customers are free to choose among cash payment, credit cards, bank transfer or e-banking. 

• After sales service

Our customers enjoy our technical support for proper use of our products, even after their purchase.  Also, we act as intermediaries for tool repair and maintenance, where our suppliers allow it. 

• 24/7 information through our online shop

At any time of the day you can surf our site and collect information about prices, products features, technical and decorative tips, practical and “clever” solutions.

Saragoudas Company consists of a physical store and  e-shop. Those two have a very close cooperation. Both are dynamic and are constantly updated with new products. That is why if you need any product, feel free to contact us, in any way proper to you. 

• Alternative ways of communication

For the purchase of our products or the utilization of our services you can

·         Visit our physical store A. Papandreou 30, Chalandri

·         Call: 0030-21-0681-5018

·         Email:

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