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Angular gear 4688000 Wolfcraft

Code: 4688000

Angular gear 4688000 Wolfcraft allows drilling and screwing at 90o angle. It is suitable for use with a cordless screwdriver and has left and right rotation compact design and ease of use. Make working in tight spaces child’s play, moreover, the angular gear is convincing thanks to magnetic absorption from drills and bits, for example drawers or small cupboards. 

Suitable for bit and drills with hexagonal shank for wood with a diameter of up to 10mm, for metal with a diameter of up to 6mm, for rock with a diameter of up to 10mm.


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Angular gear 4688000 Wolfcraft

Technical data
Receptacle for screwdriver insert ¼’’ (6.35mm) hexagon socket
Tool length (depth): 153mm
The corner dimension is only 52mm including a 25mm bit
Shank version: Hexagon shank A/F 6.35mm
Torque, max: 13
Additional product specification: gear with ball-bearing

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