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Mounted stones set 5pcs 2142000 Wolfcraft

Code: 2142000

Mounted stones 2142000 Wolfcraft. High quality and durability made of aluminium oxide.  Natural stones in different size and shape for grinding surfaces such as metal, ceramics, glass and plastic. Compatible with power drill.  

Set: 5 pcs of mounted stones 

Form - Diameter - Height of grinding tool
Cylindrical 14mm x 15mm, 
Conical 5-16mm x 20mm, 
Cylindric-conical 13mm x 16mm,
Conical curved 10mm x 14mm,
Cylindrical 16mm x 8mm. 

Technical data
Abrasive material: aluminum oxide
Shaft diameter: 3mm
Minimum clamping depth: 15mm


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