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Pump with plastic casing 2202000 Wolfcraft

Code: 2202000

Pump with plastic casing 2202000 Wolfcraft for pumping liquids with a power drill. For simple transfer of water. Reliable tool for house and garden.

Compatible with all power drills, 6mm shank, with min. power 600 Watt.

For safe use screw onto a wooden board. Mounting material included.

Non suitable for toxic, corrosive or highly flammable liquids.

Technical data
Max. power 1300l/h  
Delivery height max. 15m
Suction lift (height): 3m 
Dry running: 30sec
Maximum speed of 2800 rpm clockwise rotation only 
Connection for hoses with diameter 13mm (1/2’’)
Shank: 6 mm
Version: self-primimg.


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